“Creating motivation in the team” - The foundation for building a strong business


On the morning of November 5th, 2022, the training activity on the topic of “Creating motivation in the team” was successfully held. The talk show was led by Mr. Le Chi Trung - General Director and attended by more than 100 managers including representatives of the Executive Board, the Project Directors, the project managers, the departments’ heads and deputy-heads of SOL E&C nationwide through both face-to-face and online forms.


Team motivation is an important foundation in the formation and development of organization. Promoting motivation in each individual will help the company improve the quality and efficiency of work, thereby creating quality buildings and ensuring progress as well as strengthening the spirit of solidarity among employees. Those contents were visually shared by Mr. Le Chi Trung through specific situations and discussion about some questions in reality. The training program was extremely exciting with many practical issues raised, especially the experiences in motivating employees shared by trainees who actually are also SOL E&C managers.


Mr. Le Chi Trung - General Director of SOL E&C, the main speaker of the program.

Mr. Huynh Vu Khanh - SOL E&C Project Director shared the method to help improve management efficiency and maintain the team spirit, which is that the managers must be an example in the most daily things. This will make the team observe and follow while improving self-discipline without resorting to strict disciplinary measures which would affect the collective’s morale.


Mr. Huynh Vu Khanh talking about the spirit of modeling to the managers

Along with discussions on motivation, SOL E&C managers also shared a lot of experience in assigning works, managing teams and approaching young teams to both help employees maintain their enthusiasm and passion while self-improvement.


Many situations in reality shared during the program

With the core values imbued in the working mindset of each employee as “Professionalism, Innovation, Passion, Respect”, SOL E&C team constantly promotes the capacity of the leading prestigious general contractor in Vietnam and spread Company culture in each production and business activity to bring the best values to customers, partners and employees. In the context of the volatile market, SOL E&C is proud to have been building a team full of “motivation”, contributing together to the overall development of the Company.