Developing SOL E&C Internal Trainers in oder to improve the personnel training quality


On the morning of March 18th, 2023, the Human Resources Department cooperated with the Training Board to organize a meeting and talk show with SOL E&C’s internal trainers on the subject of “Training policy and methods of trainers in 2023”.


With the goal of building highly qualified, skilled and experienced personnel to meet the increasing requirements of the construction market, SOL E&C constantly develops and improves our training capacity. Along with the programs cooperated with prestigious educational institutions, the internal training is also a regular and pragmatic activity during which employees improve their practical competences and hone their skills right in the working process.


Mr. Tran Minh Thang instructed drastically at the meeting

During the meeting, Mr. Tran Minh Thang - Operations Director and Head of Training Board gave drastic and strong instructions on innovation of SOL E&C training in the following years. Accordingly, trainers will become the core force of this undertaking.


Mr. Ho Qui Don shared his opinions in talk show

In order to help each trainer better understand their role and responsibility, Mr. Ho Qui Don - Director of Technical-Engineering Division represented the Training Board to present the orientations and goals in training at SOL E&C and also the required professional and pedagogical skills for effective training. Attending trainers emerged to discuss, share and diversify to others many practical experiences of theirs when directly training personnel.

Training at SOL E&C not only provides knowledge and skills but also helps employees improve their thinking and awareness, which is an important foundation for in-depth development of our company’s human resources. Maintaining, innovating and constantly developing the work of fostering the workforce will create a competitive advantage and become a premise for the sustainable development of the business in the coming years.