General check-up activity for SOL E&C staff in 2023


At the end of February 2023, SOL E&C has launched the annual general check-up activity across the country, all employees participated in taking test samples and making check-up according to each working area.


General check-ups activity begun by taking samples

At SOL E&C, employees will be provided with a comprehensive check-ups package including blood biochemistry, immunology, hematology tests as well as ultrasound, imaging, general check-up and consultation from doctors. Through the activity, employees will understand better their health status, detect abnormal signs, promptly prevent and treat disease risks to help improve health quality.


Employees in the South region taking samples at the company's headquarters

In 2023, SOL E&C cooperates with prestigious medical units across the country such as FV Hospital, Vinmec, Hong Ngoc, JioHealth, Central International Hue Hospital and GKK 360 Le Hoan to make the best conditions for employees participating in check-up. Taking samples and check-up activities will flexibly take place by area from February 25th to March 22nd.


Taking samples in the North region at Ha Noi representative office

Understanding the value and importance of employees for our development, SOL E&C always constantly improves the quality of the working environment as well as provides a comprehensive welfare regime to help employees feel secure to work and create for the sustainable development of the company.