Incredible growth in 2022 proves the brand reputation of SOL E&C in the construction industry


On the morning of December 30th, 2022, SOL E&C successfully held the event “Congress of Staffs in 2022” at the headquarters (Building No. 96 Phan Dang Luu Str.) with the participation of Founder Chairman Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong, General Director Mr. Le Chi Trung, the Director Board, the managers and nearly 500 employees across the country. With the strategic vision of the Director Board and the solidarity of the staff, our company has had an incredible growth step and successfully completed the business plan of the recent year.

The changes in each activity and team mindset help SOL E&C achieve outstanding growth in 2022.

At the beginning of 2022, the company has repositioned the brand of SOL E&C in the market by announcing a new logo and identity that is professional, modern and in line with the business development strategy. Besides the brand, SOL E&C promotes the building of management systems as well as the training of staff to set the stage for incoming strong breakthroughs.


Speech of Founder Chairman - Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong

Sharing in the event, Founder Chairman Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong believes in the strong development of SOL E&C because the brand reputation is increasingly affirmed in the market of construction industry. The gathering of the highly qualified and experienced personnel teams in a cultural environment full of identity is the foundation for SOL E&C to continue implementing many large-scale and high-class projects in the next year.


General Director Mr. Le Chi Trung (left) signing the plan of production and business in 2023 with Founder Chairman Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong


Besides the message of Founder Chairman, General Director Mr. Le Chi Trung expressed being proud of the journey of our company’s incredible growth when it has continuously made breakthroughs in both revenue and works’ quality. Also in the event, he specifically shared the action goals of SOL E&C in the next year and the message from the Director Board to all staff.

In the conclusion of 2022, SOL E&C recorded a revenue of more than VND 4,000 billion (up 2.5 times compared to the same period in 2021), together with member companies generating more than USD 1 billion in revenue for the conglomerate. At the same time, in recent year, SOL E&C has been announced as the fastest growing company in Vietnam’s construction industry according to VNR's FAST500 ranking (in April 2022). The incredible growth in revenue is a clear demonstration for the brand reputation of the main Contractor SOL E&C in the Vietnamese construction market.

Affirming our strength in factory construction, SOL E&C has been accompanying many international investors in FDI projects.

About the achievements in 2022, SOL E&C is proud to receive the trust of domestic and foreign investors to deploy projects throughout Vietnam. In particular, SOL E&C’s industrial buildings construction has proven our strong position while implementing a series of large-scale factory and plant projects. Many works have been handed over to the owners with outstanding quality, safety and on schedule as committed such as John-Richard’s factory in Vietnam, Cainaio Group’s Swan Smart Logistics Long An, Huafu’s factory and living quarter (locating at “50ha textile industry cluster” in Long An), etc. In particular, in 2022, Newtecons and SOL E&C won the contract for the project of a Techtronics Industries’ (TTI) factory  in Vietnam.


FDI project type is the advantage work of SOL E&C

Besides, SOL E&C is also the unit selected by domestic customers as the main contractor for designing and constructing the industrial buildings such as Feed One’s Aquaculture Feed Factory, UNIBEN Binh Duong Factory - Phase 3, VIFON Hai Duong Factory, etc.
In addition, according to the type of high-rise building, SOL E&C accompanied TBSLand to build an iconic project called Mai House Hoi An Luxury Golf & Resort in Quang Nam province. Otherwise, the Company is also the main contractor of The Sky Tower’s project belonging to Sun Grand Hillside Residences in the pearl island Phu Quoc, or Hue Square Building invested by Luks International Group in the ancient capital.


With the strong internal force, the united staff, and the resonance of resources with the conglomerate, SOL E&C is confident to complete the next year’s business plan and to continue to accompany the owners on the construction journey of classic buildings.