MOU Signing Ceremony for comprehensive cooperation program with HCMC University of Technology (VNU-HCM) in 2023 - 2024


On the morning of September 19th, 2023, SOL E&C along with other companies in the Ecosystem and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology - National University held the MOU Signing Ceremony for comprehensive cooperation program which marks an important milestone in the sustainable cooperative relationship of the two sides over years. The event was attended by representatives of the Boards of Directors of the Ecosystem and member companies (including Ricons, Newtecons, SOL E&C, BM Windows, Boho Décor) along with the Board of Directors, representatives of Faculties, Departments, and Centers of University of Technology (VNU-HCM).


University of Technology  (VNU-HCM) is one of the leading prestigious technical universities in Vietnam whose mission is to train high-quality future engineers for the development and industrialization of our country. In addition, the University also focuses a lot on scientific research and technology transfer which are bringing practical value to the construction industry. Every year, the graduates who have grown up from University of Technology (VNU-HCM) are the high-quality human resource for many companies.


SOL E&C in particular and the Ecosystem in general are leading companies in the Vietnamese construction market who have been accompanying many investors to construct large-scale and high-class projects. Currently, many generations of University of Technology students are working at our Company and holding many important positions in the staff structure.


By implementing a comprehensive cooperation program, SOL E&C and Ecosystem will continue to maintain internship programs along with many activities as exchange, training, and projects’ visiting to help students accumulate practical as well as professional experiences. Especially in the school year 2023 - 2024, both sides will focus on implementing various practical experience programs at enterprises as well as organizing social activities for students with the cooperation of the University's Youth Union.

SOL E&C and the Ecosystem will continue to accompany the University, as its strategic partner, to realize the signed MOU by implementing many programs for students. Meanwhile, both sides will also strengthen the cooperation in developing research activities for finding new construction techniques that would be effectively applied to projects and contributing to the development of Vietnam construction industry.