Office Tour 2022 – A program of visiting and sharing construction experience for representatives in Central and Northern Vietnam


Last weekend, the Human Resources - General Administration Department successfully organized the Office Tour program on September 30th and October 1st, 2022. This was an opportunity for representatives of SOL E&C staff in Central and Northern Vietnam to visit the headquarters at 9th and 10th Floor, Building 96 Phan Dang Luu as well as to meet and exchange with the Southern construction site for sharing and improving the construction experience.

Visiting the headquarters and meeting with representatives of the departments

In the afternoon of September 30th, 2022, the Office Tour started with an exchange program between nearly 20 members representing the projects in Central and Northern Vietnam with the Company's departments. During the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Cao Nhan (Head of Human Resources - General Administration Department), as the representative of the Company, has shared the outstanding business activities, the current organizational structure and the working space to participating members. Besides, the visiting delegation also had the opportunity to exchange with the members of departments to experience the operation and procedures at the head office to better understand the Company.


Mr. Nguyen Cao Nhan (Head of Human Resources - General Administration Department) exchanging with the representatives at the meeting

Speaking in the program, Mr. Nguyen Van Thuy, representing the regional delegation, expressed his joy when visiting the Company's headquarters as well as directly meeting the colleagues from the departments who supported the construction site during many project implementation processes. This activity would certainly enhance their pride of our Company, individually, as well as the attachment among the members in the great family of SOL E&C.


Representative of Northern staff visiting the head office

The meeting program had an emotional ending when the colleagues of the delegation attended the Cheerful Party with the office staff to feel more deeply the atmosphere and spirit of SOL E&C which is full of cohesion and closeness.

Sharing construction experience with the Southern Site Management Board

Following the activities in the Office Tour, the visiting delegation had a meeting to share their construction experience with the Site Management Board of two projects Masterise LUMIÈRE riverside and Uniben Binh Duong Factory (Phase 3).


Meeting and exchanging the construction experience at the projects

Along the sharing from representatives of two projects on construction experience, the delegation also exchanged about the differences in the construction organization and workforce management between the regions, thanks to that each attending staff will cultivate more experience while the Site Management Board will have more multi-perspective point of views on project management as well as learn from each other to improve project efficiency.

The "Office Tour" activity will continue in the future so that members of the SOL E&C great family across the country can interact and learn the construction experience from each other to improve the quality of every project.