SOL constructs the mechanical, electrical and plumbing system (MEP) at the Subdivision 2 of Hong Ngoc - Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital’s project


Hong Ngoc is one of the leading private hospital brands in Vietnam. After 17 years of sustainable development, Hong Ngoc Hospital has marked a new milestone in its 18th year by inaugurating and putting into operation Hong Ngoc - Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital with a comfortable, exalted hospital-hotel model. The project, located in the center of Hanoi, is the first hospital in Vietnam which was totally invested of more than 2,000 billion VND and designed by HBN (Health Building Notes) standards of the United Kingdom, with a green coverage ratio up to 45%.


Overview of Hong Ngoc - Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital’s project

As the leading and prestigious general contractor in Vietnam, SOL E&C not only affirms our capacity in construction and installation, but is also the unit who has implemed many MEP projects at various building types such as hospitals, factories, schools, high-class hotels, etc. Accompanying the owner Hong Ngoc, SOL E&C undertakes the role of designing, constructing and completing the MEP for the subdivision 2 of Hong Ngoc - Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital, including the scope of works such as extra low voltage system, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and drainage.

Started to deploy from the middle of the 3rd quarter of 2022, until the time being, SOL E&C has handed over and put into use the office area at the 4th floor along with the ceiling of the dormitory area (9th-10th floor). For operating rooms as well as special treatment and research areas, the Company is focusing our resources on construction to meet the strict requirements according to cleanroom standards in terms of temperature and humidity control, electrical safety, air quality index (AQI).


Technical room of the building

The project’s subdivision 2, located in the building complex, has been put into operation, so the construction plan should be strictly implemented in the matter of time while complying with hygiene and noise regulations as well as not to cause any problem which will affect the operating system. With the experience from many MEP construction projects and the solid expertise of the building team along with the application of modern construction methods, the SOL E&C’s Mechanical & Electrical Department has conducted a detailed analysis of the existing system to make an accurate construction plan which fulfills the requirements of the owner. The MEP system at the Subdivision 2 of Hong Ngoc - Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital’s project is expected to be completed and handed over by the end of November 2022