SOL E&C and university of Technology (VNU-HCM) cooperated to develop high quality workforce for construction industry


On the morning of May 25, 2022, SOL E&C signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Science and Technology (VNU-HCM), which is a premise for the two sides in creating a professional and productive learning - working environment. Active and creative, helping the next generation of students develop professional expertise.


Thanks to the strong development of science and technology nowadays, on-job training and experience from real projects plays an important role in creating a high quality workforce in general and construction industry in particular. As a training, research and technology transfer institution with a long history of nearly 65 years, University of Science and Technology (VNU-HCM) is the cradle of generations of personnel contributing to the development of many businesses and society. SOL E&C, with the mission to create a generation of professional engineers with solid expertise, constantly improves our working environment, encourages each employee to best develop their ability and gain experience in implementing a variety of projects with many major clients.

By the cooperation agreement, SOL E&C will accompany the University of Technology (VNU-HCM) in student training activities, supporting research and technology transfer activities as well as human resources development activities. Immediately after the signing program, the representative from SOL E&C participated in the seminar of Construction Expertise to share information on career opportunities in the construction industry, welfare regime as well as a personal development roadmap to help students get a clearer career orientation.