SOL E&C cooperation with universities in construction human resources development


As a prestigious General Contractor in Vietnam, SOL E&C has been accompanying many major universities across the country in training and developing high-quality human resources, helping students gain experience and develop their expertise while studying.

MOU signing with University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh


MOU Signing Program at University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City

As a leading institute in training human resources for the Construction & Design industry, University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City has made many important contributions to the development of the industry through research, consulting and implementing typical projects for enterprises and the Government of Vietnam.

Accompanying with UAH, SOL E&C will bring scholarships, internship opportunities and field experience at high-class works, therefore exposing students to a professional working environment and providing potential employment after graduation. Besides, both parties will jointly develop training programs, seminars and many contests to find creative ideas.

Currently, many alumni of UAH are managers at SOL E&C, contributing to the development of our company over the years. SOL E&C believes that the cooperation between UAH and SOL E&C will create a professional, dynamic and creative learning - working environment, contributing to the comprehensive development of the next generation of students.

As a part of a series of student experience enhancement activities, on June 11, 2022, SOL E&C cooperated with the Faculty of Civil Engineering - University of Technology Ho Chi Minh City to organize a field trip to a high-rise project and a large factory constructed by the company.

Participating in the program, Mr. Phan Thanh Chau Phi - LUMIÈRE riverside Project Manager shared his experience during the project as well as helping students better understand the application of academic knowledge in a creative and effective way. Besides, the students also listened to stories about working experience at SOL E&C Great Family from the members of the Steering Committee. The sightseeing tour not only helped to improve professional knowledge for them but also was an interesting experience about the engineering life and working environment of SOL E&C.

In the future, SOL E&C will constantly accompany universities to organize practical programs, and at the same time create a large number of employment and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, contributing to training and development of high-quality human resources.