SOL E&C has partnered with Tetra Pak, the world-leading in food processing and packaging solutions, for Phase 2 of the Binh Duong Manufacturing facility Project in Vietnam


Continuing to assert the market-leading position in constructing high-quality factories, SOL E&C has partnered with the Tetra Pak Group for Phase 2 of the Binh Duong Manufacturing facility project at VSIP II-A Industrial Park. In this phase, SOL E&C has taken on the role of general contractor responsible for construction and MEP works.

Tetra Pak is Swedish corporation who is a world leading in food processing and packaging solutions and has operations in 165 countries worldwide. As a brand of global sustainable development with a strategic priority of protecting the environment and building a circular economy of low carbon emissions, the Tetra Pak requires strict standards in the construction and operation of their packaging production factories worldwide.


Image: Overview of Phase 1 - Tetra PakManufacturing facility in Binh Duong. Source: Internet

In Vietnam, the Phase 1 - Tetra Pak Manufacturing facility has been built and put into operation since 2019. This is the Group's 8th factory in the Asia Pacific region, specializing in manufacturing sterilized paper boxes for the domestic market and for exportation to countries in the ASEAN region, Australia and New Zealand. The factory has received the international LEED Gold certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, gold version) and is also the only factory that achieves the highest level AA+ of quality management system issued by the Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS).

With the goal of continuing its production scale growth to satisfy consumers’ needs, Tetra Pak today announced an additional €97 million investment to further expand its packaging material production facility at Binh Duong. This takes the total capacity investment in the site to over €217 million. The investment forms part of the company’s long-standing plans to expand its production at the site in Vietnam to accommodate increasing demand from the region.


Image: Tetra Pak Factory has strict standards in the construction and operation for meeting the group’s goal of sustainable development – Source: Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak Manufacturing facility in Binh Duong has strict control procedures on safety, quality and environmental impacts throughout the construction process. Therefore, the Project’s General Contractor not only possesses high technical expertise but also must acknowledge about green construction as well as international standards on sustainable development to provide appropriate construction solutions that meet the Group's expectations. Solid brand reputation, outstanding construction capacity and strong business potential help SOL E&C to build trust and keep accompanying Tetra Pak in Phase 2 of the Binh Duong Manufacturing facility Project. 

Based on our core values in corporate culture "Quality, Professionalism, Innovation, Respect, Integrity, Sustainability", SOL E&C is committed to accompanying the Clients in building projects of high quality, safety and meeting the highest standards of "green building", together promoting the sustainable development strategy of Clients, Partners and SOL E&C.