SOL E&C Mid-Year Business Review Meeting


On the morning of July 25, 2022, The "2022 Mid-year business review" meeting was held by SOL E&C. The program featured the Founding Chairman, Leaders of member companies in the Ecosystem, Executive Board and Managers of SOL E&C. 


Founding Chairman Nguyen Ba Duong in the beginning of the event

New brand identity - significant milestone of SOL E&C development

In April 2022, with the change of brand identity, SOL E&C experienced a thorough transformation with many comprehensive renovation activities from back office to construction sites, achieving many successes in construction and business activities.

With professionalism, respect and constant innovation in project management, SOL E&C has gained the trust of many prestigious domestic and international clients and consultants, implementing nearly 30 prestigious projects in a variety of types throughout Vietnam.

During the first 6 months of 2022, SOL E&C has recorded outstanding revenue growth (5 times higher than the same period), reaching over 40% of the revenue plan in 2022. Simultaneously, we continued to win a series of new contracts to fulfill our revenue target of VND 2022 - VND 5,000 billion and create a solid premise for solid growth in the following years.

At the same time, strong growth is both a success and a challenge, requiring SOL E&C to have a plan to prepare resources and personnel for the next stages.

Focusing on human resource development, SOL E&C continues to affirm its position as the leading prestigious General Contractor in Vietnam.

Sharing in the event, Mr. Le Chi Trung - General Director of SOL E&C emphasized the importance of human resources to the development of the Company. The solid expertise and extensive experience in project implementation have helped the SOL E&C team build a reputation among many clients. Therefore, team training is always the top priority of SOL E&C. At the same time, the human resource policy and welfare regime are evaluated and renewed to suit each stage of the company's development, taking the best care of employees' lives.

Solidarity and consensus of a strong team is the foundation for SOL E&C to conquer the next achievements on the journey.
In the event, in addition to the reports from the Board of Directors, the founding Chairman Nguyen Ba Duong shared his assessments and directions on the development strategy, operating activities as well as the development of the personnel. Following the direction of the Founding Chairman and with the resonance of resources in the Ecosystem, SOL E&C believes that it will complete the set goals in 2022, continuing to affirm its position as the leading prestigious General Contractor in Vietnam.