SOL E&C Outing Trip 2022


An emotional journey with many beautiful memories was what the members enjoyed together on the way to conquer the challenges of "SOL E&C Outing Trip 2022" at Madagui Forest Resort.



In the spectacular terrain of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, the challenges of the program were set along a nearly 10km route through forests and streams. Speed, skill, intelligence, endurance and especially solidarity were the factors allowing teams to finish the mission.

06 teams in 06 colors and with 06 separate tactics created a dramatic and attractive "Racing" picture. Besides, the greatest thing was that all the members overcame the challenges together without anyone falling back.

The exciting race was brought to an end with the Gala Dinner. With a rustic and minimalist style, Gala night was a time for members to share the stories of themselves and their teammates. Laughter, applause and the moments of each activity became an unforgettable memory. A great night of SOL E&C Great Family, a night of emotions, joy and "family" love.

My great gratitude to SOL E&C for the journey. My great gratitude to the challenges that made all members more and more engaged. My great gratitude to our teammates and my great gratitude to ourselves for being a Big Family - SOL E&C LONG FAMILY.