SOL E&C staff improve English skills according to IELTS standards


In the last month, the HR Department has cooperated with Vietnam's leading prestigious international educational organization to assess the English ability for SOL E&C managers and staff according to IELTS standards including 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This is the first step in the long-term staff training and development roadmap, to meet our Company's strategic business goals as well as the increasing requirements of customers.


Through the tests, SOL E&C staff can grasp the details of their English proficiency, thereby proactively building a study and training plan to perfect each skill and effectively use it at work. For our Company, the training plans and policies for employees to improve their English ability at work will also be implemented in the near future.

Until now, SOL E&C has been implementing many large-scale projects with multinational corporations such as Frasers Property, Cainiao (Member of Alibaba Group), TTI (Techtronic Industries), John-Richard, Luks International and leading consulting agencies such as Turner, MACE, etc. By improving English ability, the SOL E&C team will  be more confident, accurate, effective in communication and bring higher value to customers, partners.

With the potential for economic development and policies to attract foreign investment, many large corporations have been choosing Vietnam as the top location for their development plans and expansion of production and business activities. As the leading prestigious general contractor of Vietnam's construction industry, SOL E&C is proud to accompany leading domestic and international investors to implement key projects. Developing the team, especially the ability of effectively using foreign languages is an important factor to raise the position of SOL E&C brand in the market.