The Green Tower Project completing the basement structure with outstanding quality and on schedule


On the morning of January 11, 2024, Green Tower, constructed by SOL E&C as the General Contractor, officially achieved the first important milestone, which is completing the basement structure. The project invested and developed by TBS Land includes 4 tower blocks from 28 to 40 floors of height linked together by a 3-storey podium, it is expected to provide the market with 1,296 apartments of diverse types when completed. 


Overview of Green Tower

The project has a scale of 10,000 meters square including 02 basement, the deepest basement is 10 meters of depth with high technical requirements in construction because that deep basement is constructed in the areas with high underground water levels and its location is adjacent to residential houses and also the main traffic road. Identifying the risks and difficulties when constructing the project, the SOL E&C staff have implemented high standards in planning, construction methods and human resources to complete the first milestone with outstanding quality, on schedule and ensuring construction safety.


With the spirit of determination, solidarity and strong professional capacity of the team, SOL E&C continues to maintain construction progress and project quality for the next phases. When completed, Green Tower will bring a classy experience to all residents, while contributing to changing the urban image of Di An city.