Field of Business


During the last few years, the Design & Build (D&B) model has been clients’ first choice. Professionally utilizing the D & B model, SOL E&C will enhance the quality, accelerate the schedule, optimize the budget of projects and meet the strictest requirements from Clients.



As a General Contractor, SOL E&C offer outstanding and long-lasting values such as timeline acceleration and cash flow optimization for Clients. Our works can meet the highest standards thanks to the utilization of our resources by proactive actions in every stage, from monitoring, quality management to coordination, as well as consulting on construction methods and material solutions.



Besides construction, SOL E&C also participates in mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and installation (MEP). Straightforward coordination of construction and MEP in a bidding package offered by a General Contractor will reduce project complication and bring benefit to clients. At the same time, strict coordination of MEP and Architecture - Structure construction optimize construction timeline, accelerate the process and ensure safety and quality of projects.



Besides advantages in Construction and MEP, SOL E&C has constantly diversified our business activities. Investment in industrial and residential property is going to complete our business ecosystem, raising SOL E&C position in the domestic and international market.